50 Original Jazz Melodies


Abril in Cuba, Autumn In Paris, Black is Beautiful,
Blue Notes,Blues for Wolfie, Bossame Mucho, Changes, Cheerio, Cynthia, F Minor Blues,
Frankly Speaking, Frank's Groove, Frank's Tune, Freedom Flight, Get Over It, Here Comes the Sun, Home Again, I Got Rh-Rh-Rhythm, In a Minor Mood,
In the Stillness, In Walked Wolfie, Into Somewhere,
Line for Art, Lisa, More Friends, Mr. Augustine's Blues, Newborn Child, Night in Morocco, Our Song,
Que Cosa e Questo, Road to Marocco, Salsa,
Samba de Van Nuys, Serenity, Song for Astor,
Starbrite, Summerville,Sweet Gorgeous George,
Take Ten, Tershaté, Ti Voglio Bene, Waltz for Vinny,
Accidentals Happen, Blues for Ron, Dové o' Quando