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Frank Marocco Daniele Di Bonaventura
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Music is a language of emotions, and when two great musicians get to play together, we can very quickly hear whether they are connected "only" by the music or also on other levels. When an accordion sounds like a horn and a bandoneon like a human voice, when the studio seems to be like the stage of a live concert, and when the sound engineer and the producer are fascinated by the music they hear, pure magic is created. Frank and Daniele first met during the summer of 2010 at a concert Daniele played with a String Quartet. They got together in October 2010, and, after a short rehearsal, Frank and Daniele played their first concert, and it was instantly clear that there is a strong connection between them - personally and musically. They admire each other greatly and respect each other?s very different musical backgrounds. Both of them love jazz standards, as well as nice melodies and ballads. They never play a song the same way twice, and that is what makes their music so fresh, new and inspiring. Jazz is music lived in the moment, reflecting feelings, the emotions of the days or months before and the spirit of the tune played at the moment. Whether it is during a rehearsal, a concert, or a recording session, music is a mirror of the emotions and feelings we have in our souls at that instant it happens. There were no fixed arrangements for this recording session, only lead sheets and two great days in a beautiful studio. For this CD, Frank and Daniele purposely selected standards rather than their original compositions. This is a new connection between accordion and bandoneon, two instruments from the same family characterized by the reeds and bellows, which are the soul of the sound. Frank and Daniele know the secrets of their instruments, and they are the "Two for the Road" whom we hope to hear play together for many years to come. Enjoy the music! Elke Ahrenholz, May 2011


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