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Frank Marocco
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Barvin Italy
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This collection includes some of my favourites going back to my first recording on a "Verve" LP with the great Vibes player Victor Feldman and up to the most recent recordings. It was the Idea and concept of my good friends Frank Petrilli and my Manager Elke Ahrenholz of Victoria Accordions. In 2006 I was invited by the great Jazz Accordionist Simone Zanchini to come to Italy to record with him. We had met years earlier at an Accordion Festival in London. I remembered that I was impressed with his playing so when he asked me to record with him I accepted without hesitation. Elke Ahrenholz, who was a classical Accordion student also playing Sax and becoming a Jazz afficionato, was attending the same festival and became interested in my Music. We did not meet at that time but met in Castelfidardo when I came to Italy to record with Simone. Since both Simone and the great Jazz Artist Richard Galliano play Victoria I thought I would like to try the Instrument. I fell in love with it and used it on the recording "Bebop Buffet" with Simone and happily continue to play it. About this collection; Some tracts are solos and some with different Musicians and Instrumentation. I particularly enjoyed the things I did with Ray Pizzi. Although the electronic sound of the Accordion was not good, I liked the Music we made together. Another pairing I enjoyed a lot was with Ron Feuer the great Hammond B3 player. Some of my favorites were from the CD "Freedom Flight" with one of the best rhythm sections I have ever played with. Further I have chosen some of the pieces I did with Wolfgang Russ in Germany in 2006 . Recently I recorded with another great Jazz Accordion Artist, Massimo Tagliata and his group"Marea" - the piece "Secret Love" one of my favourite standards. The ?Changes" CD , mostly original compositions, was recorded in Italy, with the great Saxophone Player Carlo Atti while "Giannelli Square" was made in LA . We used to get together and play from tim


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