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Originals by Frank Marocco

The idea of this project was conceived by my Manager and good friend Elke Ahrenholz, who thought that I should record my originals. In the past I had always recorded mostly standards or evergreens, so with this CD of originals she wanted other musicians to be able to hear my music. On one of my last visits in Europe, Elke organized some studio time in Bologna and called italian musicians to record with me. One of them is the Tenor Sax player Carlo Atti, who I heard in a previous tour in Italy. I thought his style and specially his sound was exactly what I wanted. Both musically and personally, we connected immediately. The tittle of the CD came out of one of my originals, a funky piece with many changing, repeated chord sequences, therefore the tittle "Changes". The CD involved many different musicians. Some of the tunes were recorded in LA, where I played with Ron Feuer the great Jazz Organist and George Green on Drums. We recorded "Blue Notes" and "Black is beautiful" ( but not in the key of C ). This tune is played in the key of Eb-minor which creates a pentatonic pattern involving only the black keys - hence the tittle. We recorded in the studio of my best friend Frank Petrilli, who has always helped and supported me. Mark Levang arranged "In the stillness", which I recorded before on the CD "Freedom Flight" with different instrumentation. There is only one standard, "Estate", which is one of my favorite tunes written by the italian composer Bruno Martino. It was a total new experience to record in the relaxed italian atmosphere, in between good italian food and coffee breaks.

Product samples

01 Changes 3:38

02 Estate 5:01

03 Get over it 4:08

04 Blue Notes 6:16

05 Black is beautiful 4:54

06 Starbrite 4:28

07 Sentimenti Nuovi 5:20

08 Serenity 4:44

09 In the stillness 5:15

10 Stepping out 2:55

11 I know you 4:24