How to buy and pay

The shopping cart

To purchase our products (CD on MP3 format and scores on PDF format) is necessary before proceeding with the registration of a personal account, providing all relevant information for the acquisition and processing for pay and download. If this information is not properly inserted or the same not true, we not be liable for any failure or failed download.

As expressed by the general conditions outlined in Section Privacy and Security, we guarantees that all personal and sensitive information will be treated according to the law and aimed only at the completion of the purchase of goods.

Once registered and logged on site, you can proceed with the purchase of our goods. All products are full of minimum necessary information that qualify the nature (code, description, price, etc...)

Products can be accessed through the window or through guided research system. Once you select a product, it will be placed on a virtual shopping cart, and always made available to the customer, even in different sessions and subsequent to that selection. Until available, the shopping cart may be supplemented, amended, canceled at will, without obligation to purchase by the customer.

The truck that was not finalized within a month after its creation, the system will automatically be canceled.

The order form

When given explicit confirmation of purchase of the goods in your basket, the same is converted into the order form where you can view the total to be paid.

Once an order is necessary to ensure your payment. An order is not improved or no longer of interest can only be annulled.

A purchase order can be finalized by midnight on the day of its preparation.

Improve payment

Once order is confirmed, the user will be redirected to the payment system secure and safe PayPal.

The payment system PayPal allows you to make secure purchases with credit cards of Visa, Mastercard and American Express and of course through direct transfer of funds from a valid PayPal account.

If the payment system used was devoid of funds, you can refine your order by midnight on the day of its preparation.

Received payment, you are able to download the good (mp3, pdf or zip pack).